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Notice for Defaulters

Dear all,

It has come to our attention that some of you are unable to contact your highest bidder for confirmation. If this is the case for you, please comment here and we will try to get in touch with them.

If they can't be reached by Wed 20 April, noon GMT, we will notify you, adjust our links on the main post accordingly, and you may contact the second highest bidder.

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Bids: An Update

£2,044 raised! If I tally it right.

Please check this post to see if you have not yet been crossed off.
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Update on Receipts

Dear all,

We have been processing the receipts received in our Gmail. Thank you so much for your kind and generous donations.

The masterlist of auctions is here and we strike out the confirmed donations as we receive receipts. Apologies for slow processing on our side, do give us a few days after you email us and then check the list again.

For the winning bidders who have not yet contacted the person offering an item, please do so at your soonest convenience.

Fondest regards,
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How to Donate & Confirmation of Winning Bids

Thank you for your support for [community profile] help_japan these past weeks. It is our sincere hope that, through this auction, all of us could have the opportunity to contribute to Japan and Yunnan humanitarian aid efforts. We are grateful that the auction has turned out so well.

Here are guidelines for confirmation of donation. Unlike [ profile] help_japan, we will not be asking for winning bidders to post their receipts directly to the community. Instead, please refer to the below master-list of auctions to double-check the status of your bid. For those who offered items, it is also good to confirm the identity of the winning bidder. We did not count any bids made after the deadline of 20/3 12nn GMT, no matter how high the bid.

Thereafter, please:

  1. Get into contact with each other via email or private messaging to discuss donations and item delivery.

  2. Winning bidders, please make your donation either through the paper trail or online donation.

  3. Send a copy of the receipt and/or a screenshot to the person offering the item you have won, and kindly cc this receipt to helpjapan [dot] dw [at]

We will then cross off the item from our master-list, so as to facilitate checking on which items’ payments have been confirmed.

If you have any accessibility concerns regarding either donation or receipt confirmation, or indeed any concerns whatsoever, do not hesitate to email us or PM [personal profile] help_jp_mod for clarification and assistance.

Winning Bids

Writing )

Art and Craft )

Audio )

Food )

Graphics/Services )

Other )
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Information for [community profile] help_japan

Bids are now closed as of noon GMT, March 20.


Help for Japan
On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale. Subsequently, the coastline was hit by tsunamis as high as 10 metres.

ETA: A second quake, 6.6-Richter, subsequently hit Japan. In addition, there have been reports of a possible meltdown at a nuclear plant in Fukushima, with several casualties.

We are organising [community profile] help_japan in response to this crisis. Time is of the utmost urgency at present, so please read this post but do not get too hung up over the details.

Help for Yunnan
Please also remember that a 5.8-Richter earthquake struck Yunnan province in China on March 10. As many as 130,000 people have lost their homes. Electricity and water supplies have been cut off, roads are damaged, and infrastructure is wrecked.

A list of charities rendering aid to Yunnan may be found here.

Do keep both countries in mind when making your offers and selecting charities/causes. Of course, it is preferable to support the victims of both disasters.

An incomplete list of charities is under this cut. If you have more links, do add them in the comments here.

Charities list. )
[personal profile] azuire has a general information post here with essential links and information.


Please include the following details in your offer: contact details, minimum bid, and preferred charity/cause (optional). Do pay attention to all the information on the offer posts before making your offers and bids. Bidders, raise your bids by replying to the previous comment for efficiency of tracking. Successful bidders, please also do your best to send confirmation of your donation to the auctioneer.

Signal boosts are much appreciated.

Essential Dates

Offers are open as of March 12, 2pm GMT.

Bids are set to open 48h later, on March 14, 2pm GMT.

The auction will close in one week, on March 20, at 12nn GMT.

Depending on the outcome of this auction, a second round may be held one week from now.

(Mods are in GMT, GMT+5, and GMT+8. Activity may change with time, accordingly. Do contact via PM to [personal profile] help_jp_mod or email helpjapan.dw [at] if more information is needed.)
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Closing of Bids

Dear all,

Thank you for your outpouring of support and generosity this past week. As it is now noon GMT, March 20, bids are closed for [community profile] help_japan from this point. We will try to get the offers tallied and to have a post listing all winning bids within the next week. Please check your offers and bids, and stay tuned for instructions on how to confirm your donations with the moderators and the people offering. You may confirm donations once we have formally announced the winning bidders.

Any offers and bids made after 1159 GMT will not be counted.

Once again, thank you for your charity toward Japan and Yunnan.

Sincerest regards,
the [community profile] help_japan team
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Banner Apology

On Friday, March 18th, a user sent us a PM, expressing their discomfort over the promotional banners being designed and used for the community. They correctly pointed out that not only were those images explicit (and therefore triggering and disturbing) but that they came across as disaster porn.

We, the mods at [community profile] help_japan, apologize for our inconsideration. In our haste to open the community, we took the banners from our LiveJournal counterpart and did not check the images as thoroughly as we should have. We’ve taken down the aforementioned banners immediately and will be putting up new ones soon. The purpose of this fandom auction is to help Japan, and, by our thoughtlessness, we have hurt the very people we were trying to help. We screwed up and we’re deeply sorry about it. We hope that an apology in some small way, helps make amends.

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Bids are open. (NOW CLOSED)

Bids are now closed, as of 12nn GMT, 20 March.


1. Remember that all bids are in pounds sterling (GBP).
2. Please raise your bid by at least £1 each time. If you don't have the £ symbol or can't type it easily, please use this format: [number] GBP, e.g. "I bid 5 GBP".
3. Bid by replying to the comment with the previous bid, for ease and efficiency of tracking by both the person who offered and the other bidders.
4. Do not delete or edit bids. Instead, post a new comment and/or PM the mods ([personal profile] help_jp_mod) to explain.
5. Please pay attention to additional details on delivery or auction expiry which the person offering may have included.

Bids will close at 12nn GMT on Sunday, 20 March.

The auction remains open to new offers until close.
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Offers Now Open (NOW CLOSED)

All offer pages are now closed:

Please review the rules on the page before placing your offer.

Again, bids will open at 2pm GMT on Monday 14 March, with the auction closing at 1200 GMT on Sunday 20 March.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment or DM this account ([personal profile] help_jp_mod).
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Auction Information


Auction is closed to offers/bids.


1. Our default currency is the pound sterling (GBP). We suggest this currency converter.

2. Anyone may make an offer or a bid on any post. All you need is a valid email address.

3. If you have any questions or concerns, comment to this post or notify [personal profile] help_jp_mod by PM.

Offer Masterlist


Please check all offers before making a request.

Essential Dates

Offers are closed as of March 20, 12nn GMT.

Depending on the outcome of this auction, a second round may be held one week from now.
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Promotional Banners and Icons

Mirror-posted from our friends at [ profile] help_japan on LJ. Please feel free to use/contribute your own.

Option 1: Save the banner image to your own computer and upload to your preferred image-hosting site for promotion purposes. (This will help save on our bandwidth.)
Option 2: Copy the HTML code provided beneath each banner, and paste it into your own journal. The code will automatically link the image back to this community.

Below the cut. )

icons below the cut )

Feel free to contribute your own and/or use them to signal boost!