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If you would like to offer: podfics, audio editing services, original music, filks, fanmixes - kindly comment with your offer here.

This auction closed March 20, at 12nn GMT.

Bidding Rules

Bids are set to open on March 14, 2pm GMT. This is so that there can be a few offers :)

Kindly bid by commenting to the Offering post. If you would like to raise the bid, reply to the comment containing the previous, lower bid. This makes it easier to track/bookmark.

Bids must be raised by at least one pound sterling per bid. We suggest this currency converter.

Kindly do not delete comment containing a bid - if you have an issue, please comment to your bid explaining what happened, or contact a moderator

How To Offer
Please list the type of item and fandom (if relevant) in the Subject to your post.

Paste the following into the comment section and fill in all relevant details.

Audio Fic by Shusu

Date: 14 March 2011 22:25 (UTC)
ext_56722: © Shusu; Mayumi Oda "Benten in Coral" plus anthurium (benten)
From: [identity profile]
User Name: shusu (via OpenID; please see
Email address: (no messaging)
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional): winning bids will receive chat info
Examples of my work:

Offering: Audiofic of 1 of my own existing fanfiction, including unfinished works, excepting any shared universes (i.e. role-playing games or requested by others.) Negotiable: one minute or more of author commentary. Winning bid retains unlimited non-commercial rights to distribute file, as long as it is kept intact (and non-commercial).

Fandoms (if appropriate): I have written for fandoms in: various dubbed anime; some fantasy books; some science fiction television; a few movies. See examples for the full list.

Additional Info (optional): I am a total newbie to podfics / spoken word recordings, but hopefully there is still some demand for a more portable file of my fic. Be aware -- my voice records rather high-pitched, and accents may or may not work out. Please see my other offers. ^_^

Any listed charity is fine; after bidding is closed, I would appreciate an e-mail with the screencap of the donation.

Starting Bid: £1.

Re: Podfic, any fandom, up to 10,000 words

Date: 31 March 2011 17:09 (UTC)
ext_56722: © Shusu; Mayumi Oda "Benten in Coral" plus anthurium (Default)
From: [identity profile]
Greetings! I'm trying to find contact information for you (bit busy at the moment). Could you please drop a line to me at the e-mail address listed? Thanks!

Here's the thread:


Date: 21 August 2012 03:44 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
sira machan.. munta moawna unat ona salli.. tawa deyak.. hadisi hethuwak nisa.. ape gedara tiyena satalite 1 ethanin galawa wena thanakata( adiyak 2k unat) savi kaarnna mun rs 3000k gannawa... mun dannwa eka apita karnna ona nisay galawanne kiyla.. awasthawen uparimayama gannawa.. ewa ketha wada..


Date: 31 October 2012 20:38 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
@Erik: Absolutely, the feel of the Dreamwidth community is very deiefrfnt (intentionally so!) from the feel of (e.g.) MySQL or Linux kernel hacking.We do have a small number of contributors who have no use for our mushy style, so they do their development through Bugzilla and skip out on the developer support communities, IRC, etc. They still contribute without the social interactions they're not interested in, which seems to work fine for them.At any rate, I would argue that all people, even hard-core geeks who like to spend their time talking about the thundering herd problem and cache lines, would benefit from a more positive social environment in their projects and lives. You don't have to take it to the level where it feels I love you, you love me , but building a community where you take the time to say Hey, that was cool, thanks! can only be a positive.


Date: 8 June 2012 02:42 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
That is true Raggs.Yet I think that we as a people still have some of our rgihts, they havent yet all been underscored. If anything positive shall come from the state we have blindly watched the Government put us in; the people will have to take a stand. We already are by communicating our thoughts, worries, and goals. I think that computers as well as anything can be used for the positive or the negative.


Date: 31 October 2012 08:34 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You get a lot of respect from me for writing these heplufl articles.


Date: 2 November 2012 05:49 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Enlightening the world, one hlpeful article at a time.


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