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If you would like to offer any of the following: fanfic, original fic, a printed book or printed fanfic, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, metafiction or the like, please use the template below to offer your words or word-related services. If you're offering a story, feel free to provide a maximum and/or minimum word count.

This auction closed March 20, at 12nn GMT.

Bidding Rules

Bids are set to open on March 14, 2pm GMT. This is so that there can be a few offers :)

Kindly bid by commenting to the Offering post. If you would like to raise the bid, reply to the comment containing the previous, lower bid. This makes it easier to track/bookmark.

Bids must be raised by at least one pound sterling per bid. We suggest this currency converter.

Kindly do not edit or delete a comment containing a bid - if you have an issue, please comment to your bid explaining what happened, or contact a moderator.

How to Offer
Please list the type of item and fandom (if relevant) in the Subject to your post.

Paste the following into the comment section and fill in all relevant details.


Date: 14 March 2011 04:50 (UTC)
ar: Kay and Julius Eaton reading a manuscript. (ds9 - farverse reading)
From: [personal profile] ar
User Name: [personal profile] ar
Email address: athousandchurches at gmail
Examples of my work: [ profile] akerwis, [personal profile] witticaster

I'm offering: Drabbles. One for every two pounds bidded. In the case of multiple, they can be connected or not.

Fandoms (if appropriate):
Any short story by C.L. Moore & Henry Kuttner
The Babysitters Club
Downton Abbey
"Far Beyond the Stars" (DS9 episode 6x13; if you choose this, I will basically set it in my Farverse interpretation of the episode, since I've already written 30,000+ words about the world of Sisko's visions)
Horatio Hornblower
Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Additional Info (optional): In general, I will write you gen, het, or femslash. I'm not currently interested in writing slash, though I'll probably make an exception for Laurence/Tharkay or Kennedy/Bush (and maybe Archie/Horatio, let's be honest).

Currently, I have not seen past episode 5x07 of DS9 (with the exception of "Far Beyond the Stars," obviously), though I'll probably have the show finished by sometime in April. I am not very interested in writing about Cardassians.

ETA: I am especially fond of writing next generation fic, so...there's that, if you want it. I'd be willing to combine a more-than-2-pounds bid into one longer story rather than several short ones if you were interested in next-gen fic. For examples of my various canon-characters-have-children stories, please see the series: Woolfverse and series: Farverse tags on the [personal profile] witticaster. (Many of the stories on that journal are not yet finished, so please don't judge their rougher patches too harshly. >>)

Starting Bid: £2
Edited Date: 14 March 2011 05:16 (UTC)

Re: Drabbles

Date: 19 March 2011 18:32 (UTC)
judas_river: (misc: deck the halls)
From: [personal profile] judas_river

Would you be willing to write Archie/Horatio/Bush? If not, Archie/Horatio would also be fine.


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