Mar. 25th, 2011

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Thank you for your support for [community profile] help_japan these past weeks. It is our sincere hope that, through this auction, all of us could have the opportunity to contribute to Japan and Yunnan humanitarian aid efforts. We are grateful that the auction has turned out so well.

Here are guidelines for confirmation of donation. Unlike [ profile] help_japan, we will not be asking for winning bidders to post their receipts directly to the community. Instead, please refer to the below master-list of auctions to double-check the status of your bid. For those who offered items, it is also good to confirm the identity of the winning bidder. We did not count any bids made after the deadline of 20/3 12nn GMT, no matter how high the bid.

Thereafter, please:

  1. Get into contact with each other via email or private messaging to discuss donations and item delivery.

  2. Winning bidders, please make your donation either through the paper trail or online donation.

  3. Send a copy of the receipt and/or a screenshot to the person offering the item you have won, and kindly cc this receipt to helpjapan [dot] dw [at]

We will then cross off the item from our master-list, so as to facilitate checking on which items’ payments have been confirmed.

If you have any accessibility concerns regarding either donation or receipt confirmation, or indeed any concerns whatsoever, do not hesitate to email us or PM [personal profile] help_jp_mod for clarification and assistance.

Winning Bids

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Art and Craft )

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Food )

Graphics/Services )

Other )


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